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Georeferencing of Rural Property – Topo Floresta

Georeferencing of Rural Property

The Georeferencing of Rural Property or Certification of Rural Property, also known as Georeferencing was created by Law No. 10,267 of 2001. The process is carried out by the National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform (INCRA), with data entry by a qualified professional. Corresponds to the elaboration of a georeferenced plant of the property.

Decree No. 5,570 / 05, amended by Decree No. 7,620 / 11, established legal terms for the georeferencing of rural properties distributed as follows:

  • Areas of 100 hectares and above: as of 11/21/2016;
  • Areas over 25 hectares: as of 11/21/2019;
  • Areas below 25 hectares: as of 11/21/2023.

Why do Georeferencing before a requirement or even before the deadline?

This document is required for any change of area or its holder in the Real Estate Registry, as well as the dismemberment and unification of real estate. Example: through the need to sell the property or transfer to heirs (the same can only be transferred if registered with INCRA and rectified in the real estate registry, completed). This process can take from one month to twelve months, or even more, according to the situation of the documentation that must be regularized, without distortions or possible problems in the perimeter of the property, among others.

What to do after the INCRA Certification?

Once the Property Certificate has been issued by INCRA, it is necessary to proceed immediately to rectify the Registry in the Real Estate Registry. This process can be carried out by the company that performs the georeferencing service, or by the owner, however, warns about the existence of a series of bureaucratic situations to be faced and, considering the services of a Consulting Company, it is understood its vast experience in the field for faster and more efficient results.

Currently, Topo Floresta has this experience, counting with certification above sixty thousand hectares in INCRA; has state-of-the-art equipment for the most accurate execution of georeferencing with speed and precision.

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